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And band it and I think I make repair fittings that are designed to do that swell but that’s one up I think I ended up doing that once in my house for some reason I had to cut it cut into a pipe and I couldn’t there’s no way that tout the fitting in and have it connect to be able to slide the pipes into the fitting because the pipes don’t move so that’s one way you could use those two there they’re pretty popular of course they’re used.

Mostly for going from cast iron to plastic or plastic to some other material they make them they go on the clay you might see clay tile too going out to old septic systems or even may bean old sewer systems and they have they have furn codes to go from the clay to the plastic as well so they’re they’re pretty popular trap adapter the trap adapter is a little piece that you glue into typically into a tee that would ban a wall now this is typically how you do it but you’d have this thing at your wall and you’d have it select Sheetrock is here and let’s say this is your bathroom will be your overbalances gonna go you can put a short piece of pipe coming out and you can glue strap.

Adapter onto it or if this is in the right spot you can even glue the trap adapter directly in like this is street style trap adapter and it’s made to accept the trap pipe that goes under sink you slide it in here it barely fits in and as you tighten this down little little plastic flange flares autos you tighten this down and tightens down on it and makes a water an airtight seal so it’s it’s that adapter from your permanent you know in the wall plumbing to your removable trap under sink it’s called the trap adapter and they come indifferent sizes there’s inch and a half and a quarter generally.

I think I can get them an inch and a half and maybe two inch sizes for the pipe and certainly for the trap side you can get them inch and a half an inch and quarter usually I don’t know if they make they finally make them for two inch pipe I always buy.

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in the Hat hopefully we’ll be in the tournament I assume so I I doubt it would show usher there’s a big tournament and then not foot is in it unless somebody attacked us there’s a lot of things that could happen here day of reckoning doesn’t play around if you guys remember in the first day of reckoning when Triple Barreled through the door backstage to attack us okay so we have points or whatever.

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Type guy we probably aren’t too fast so let’s take it around for durability probably a counter probably a five submission we’re not the best but we’ll give it a three so we’re more of like a strength charismatic type I think that’s I think that’s probably where that puts is that now we do have some of this Arsenal level I’m not too sure what.